Using Myspace Quizzes To Attract Friends

Your Myspace layout says a lot about you; who you are, where you live, what your interest are and even expresses your taste in music. You can include your very own blog on Myspace that communicates directly with all the viewers and friends that you make on Myspace. Your network within Myspace can span into the millions, even billions of people can become part of the social networking phenomenon. That's a lot of people to connect to, folks! You'll want to be sure that your Myspace layout is one of the coolest and most interesting Myspace pages.

This can mean the difference between having a few friends and having thousand upon thousand of new friends that can increase your networking potential. Myspace generators, such as those found on sites such as, have been created to help you design your Myspace page to appeal to the masses, or at least, to appeal to your circle of friends. If you are in love with all things adorable, pink and shiny, you can create a cute Myspace layout that will attract people who are similarly obsessed with all things cute.

One of the best ways to get your page seen by thousands of people is by leaving comments. Leaving a Myspace comment on all your friend's pages shows that you are actively involved in Myspace and that you check it every day, giving you more exposure to connect to more people. Leaving a Myspace comment on your friend's page will show you on the top of their list and every person who goes to their page will see your funny comment and be drawn to visit your page as well. When they click on your Myspace icon and view your hot Myspace layout, they'll want to add you to their friend list for sure! You can add funny Myspace quizzes to your Myspace page. Search online and you will find millions of quizzes, surely you will find one that you find interesting, funny or just plain bizarre.

Take the quiz, get your results, copy the Myspace code and paste it into the "About Me" or similar section in your Myspace editor page. Then, all the users who visit your page will be able to see your Myspace quiz or Myspace survey results and take the quiz or survey themselves. This is a great way to find out more about your friends! You can also copy the Myspace quiz or Myspace survey and paste it into the Bulletin Board, sharing your results with all your friends at once. Writing blogs is another great way to communicate with others on your Myspace page. You can even create a special Myspace login for your blog to keep it secret and show it only to those friends who you want to read your Myspace blog. Myspace is here to stay and millions of people are joining into the social networking phenomenon on a daily basis.

You want to have a creative Myspace layout to attract as many new friends as possible and keep it interesting for the friends you already have. Your Myspace layout says a lot about you so don't be shy to include photos, videos and cool Myspace graphics that everyone will want to see!.

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