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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Losing Ground?
Research has shown that SEO strategies are becoming increasingly ineffective. This is due to the flawed objective of SEO methods. Metaphorically speaking, someone teaching SEO methods is like a teacher providing answers and biased guides to students before an exam.

Design for eCommerce
Broadly speaking, design for the eCommerce site isn't just a question of design. Any project to create an eCommerce site that focuses first on the looks and functionality of the site with the intent of later dealing with optimization, conversion and marketing is doomed to failure... or at least doomed to an expensive series of rewrites and changes as clients try to make their 'web site' into a more competitive 'eCommerce site'.

The Advance Of Algorithms - New Keyword Optimization Rules 
Maintaining and marketing a website can be a difficult task especially for those who are inexperienced or who have very little experience. SEO rules are constantly changing and even then, many SEO professionals disagree on the actual specifics required to optimize a website. This is in no small part due to the search engines themselves.

Search Engine Optimization lesson
When the internet was young and the WWW (World Wide Web) was just getting started there was no way to search for content! For example, you had to know that if you wanted to go to Joe's site, the url was If you didn't know that, you could not find Joe! This would be a lot like trying to get a phone number for Joe without the benefit of a published phone book! You either had to see Joe in person and ask him for his number or call somebody who's phone number you already knew and ask them if they new how to call Joe!

A Few Words About Search Engine Spiders
As a website owner and someone concerned about Search Engine Optimization, you don't have to suffer from Arachnophobia. Search Engine Spiders are your friends!

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