To Join or not to Join Myspace

To Join or not to Join Myspace There are so many reasons why you have to join and there also so many reasons why you would think twice in joining such website. Although there's no proper debate whether you have to join or not, there are people that will advice you not to join these social networking sites while there are others who doesn't see the problem in joining them. One of the reasons why you shouldn't join these types of websites is security. This is especially applicable for those that are not of legal age yet.

There are sexual predators that cloak themselves with very sympathetic ideas to anyone who has a problem. Kids who sometimes get frustrated at school and family tend to rant on things in the blogs of their myspace webpage. There they start giving clues about themselves.

And predators will have the chance to take a look at a more personal level of other people and they will try to connect to what they feel. They start to bond and then horrors will just start there. Without the social websites, your kids can just go online, watch some free clips online or play family friendly games. Not only is it dangerous for kids but for adults also. You might reply on a classified being placed online in myspace classifieds.

But the catch is that you'll have to pay them before you can actually work for them. Before you start thinking of paying them, don't. There are so many crooks out there that all they wanted is your money. You can easily find them offering home based jobs stuffing envelopes and entering data online.

It's sounds really great but too great and they are using the myspace classifieds especially to those who are not really familiar with online scams. However, there are so many good things in myspace that you can think about on top of your head. That's why millions are online everyday just to update their list of friends. If you have an account for personal use, you can easily get hold of your long lost friends. They may change their phone number or email, but they can't just change their myspace page since there are already tons of contacts there.

You may lose their number but you can always get in touch with them anytime through myspace. Businessmen can also myspace to create contacts that have the same interests. They can swap ideas or even trade services and from there they can get bigger and bigger or even have more clients because of the popularity they have in the website. Artists, musician can also have a chance to express their art freely in myspace.

There's a page for these people and from there they can have a number of fans that will like their music. In fact, some of the known singers nowadays started in myspace and people started to really get crazy about their songs and before they know it, they already have a million dollar record deal. These are only some of the reasons why have or don't have to join these social networks.

It's still up to you whether you wanted to join these networks. Either way, be sure to protect yourselves and your family online.

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