The true issues of a very cheap web host Part

These days, there is a fast growing trend of hosts offering very cheap shared hosting plans. This article will expose the happenings that one should be aware as a customer who purchases very cheap web hosting plan. There are many such customers who are not noticing the issues created by the cheap web hosting providers and also these customers do not know what these issues exactly mean to them. This article is mainly created for such type of people. However, others can also update their knowledge by reading this article.

Normally, customers may see a hosting plan with regard to its prices and the various features offered. He then starts comparing the offers with other hosts. Finally he settles for a hosting plan.

But he does it without checking the terms and services of each host. This point should not be ignored while deciding to buy the very cheap web hosting plan. You can be easily a victim if you have purchased a very cheap web hosting plan without reading and understanding the terms of services as per the posting provider.

Some of the issues which you must be aware while selecting a very cheap web host are as follows: 1) Understand the true relationship between data transfer usage and server resources in a cheap web host: The data transfer usage and server resources are not directly related with each other. Example: if you buy 100GB of data transfer facility, yet you will have to be very much confined by the CPU and memory. 2)No way of monitoring the end users accounts or website's CPU and memory usage: The majority of control panels do not offer any way for the end user to observe his or her accounts on websites with regard to information about CPU and memory usage. This creates misunderstandings and finally leads to endless disputes, regarding whether the usage is really as the host claims. Thus, a customer will often feel that the web host is over charging him in up selling, which is unacceptable to the customer.

3) The terms and conditions are not clear enough to understand for an average customer It is very important to carefully check the terms of services of each host. The server resources usage abuse clauses may tend to be a bit complicated to understand. This leads the host to interpret the terms the way he wants to.

If the terms and conditions would be clean, then the customer could confidently prove his standing when the need arise. But he is not able to do this because the server resources usage abuse clause is often ambiguous. A "server resources abuse" clause is worded differently from host to host. Also, the clause may itself reserves the right to suspend or terminate a customers web hosting account if too much CPU (memory) is used.

So, if you are not clear on with the terms and condition of the host, you may get trapped by having your website terminated or fined. 4)Knowing the drawback of a customer: This very cheap web hosting package, influences the customer to a very great extent. The customer easily falls for this cheap web hosting package. The web hosting provider also knows that there are also web host customers who may not know what is hosting and servers all about.

It is these types of customers which makes the web host providers more happy about and the customers are not aware of this fact.

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