The Mistake You Hope Your Competitors Make

Have you ever been exposed to advertising that interested you but you couldn't figure out something important about the product or service? For example, you saw a headline that interested you but when you read the ad you didn't know what to do next? I've had that happen to me before and it's just too bad because I couldn't patronize the advertising company because I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do! Feeling deceived ranks number one on people's list of things they hate about marketing, but a lack of information ranks second. Every day, you and your prospects are exposed to literally thousands of marketing messages. You see brand names on all the products in your home. You see billboards as you drive to work. You hear commercials on the radio while you're at work.

The guy in the cubicle next to you is wearing a shirt with the brand name prominently displayed. You see TV commercials while you watch the news. You read display ads as you check your stocks in the newspaper. Your internet usage is plastering you with banner ads, email ads, pop-up ads, etc. How are you going to get into the prospect's mind among all the clutter of advertising we face each and every day? Tip: It's always better to be first in your prospect's mind than better in product or service performance.

(As long as the second part is always improving) The way you carve your message into your prospect's mind is actually somewhat counter-intuitive. You must provide LOTS of information. Some marketers say that people don't like to read ads and so you should go for the quick punch. Results show otherwise since the quick punch won't tell the prospect what to do. Long ad copy works better than short copy. Either way, the ad must be well written to impress the prospect, but long copy will establish your expertise in your field and will ultimately put you first in your prospect's mind.

Even if your product isn't quite ready, you should begin sharing information about the benefits of your product. This is the whole point of the "pre-launch" of products and the internet has made things very lucrative. A simple formula may be used: create a blog announcing the upcoming product then start driving traffic to the website to build anticipation.

The blog should contain as much information as you can give about your product and should also have a way of interacting with your future prospects. Take questions and post regular announcements. This can also be a great opportunity to joint venture with other non-competitive businesses. You can announce your upcoming product to his prospects and he can announce his product to the people who come to your blog. This method makes you very accessible so you can actually close sales before you have to deliver the product since many will be interested in pre-ordering. It's the perfect way to launch a new product or service and it's possible that by the day you're scheduled to launch you could already be sold out! All the business you can handle completed in one day.

All you have to do is give information and give more and more until your prospect is ready to become your client.

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