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As most of us are aware nearly all email accounts come with some sort of email filter setting that you can change to try and cut down spam email. Sure it works ok but spam still gets through and if someone emails you who isn't already on your contact list well its goodbye to them as they are treated to the same curtsey as junk mail. Never reply, never send details never send money and try not to even open them ? yes I'm referring to spam. For such a small word it causes such big problems; for both business and home.

Spam or junk mail or unsolicited commercial email, however it is referred to the end result is always the same, an inbox full of useless junk. This is why owning a spam blocked is so important. With our inboxes being flooded with spam we have the frustration of removing it only to see it come back. There are already many ways of targeting spam emails like blacklisting email addresses and web sites, banning IP addresses and scanning the words in a subject box. However spammers adapt to these anti-spam targets and change their identity.

No email application doesn't have a spam problem and there is a spam blocker out there that will suit everybody. It doesn't matter if you're tied to a desk or travelling the world you can still block spam effectively and quite easily. For those of you on a tight budget there are also plenty of free spam blockers that you can download for personal use. So why exactly is there so much spam? Spam emails exist because Internet users purchase goods from spammers.

By clicking on a link that is sent to you via a spam email you are proving that the email account exists and that you are regularly using it. People who post in online forums and newsgroups are also leaving themselves open to receiving spam emails as spammers will harvest these email addresses for their own use. There is also a new form of online spam as well as the normal emails.

"Phishing emails." This form of spam mainly targets eBay and PayPal accounts. The way this works is you will receive emails entitled 'last warning,' 'attention required,' 'password change required' or 'your account has been suspended.' When you open these emails they will look like they have come from eBay or PayPal but the link will take you to their site. The pages of these emails are designed to look like eBay/PayPal meaning that the unsuspecting user will provide the hidden spammer with passwords and or credit card details. To try and protect yourself from spam you should: ? Know who your dealing with ? Don't believe in easy money- if an email/website claims you can earn money with little or no work it's probably a scam.

? Be wary of entering contests that are run by unfamiliar companies ? they use these to identify potential victims. ? Don't provide credit card/bank details unless you are buying something.

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