Popular Cell Phone Accessories

There is a wide variety of cell phone accessories available in the market. With the emergence of various models of cell phones, along with them came accessories to maximize the use of the cell phone or simply make the cell phone unit attractive. Depending on cell phone model, there is a wide array of choices of accessories in the market. The most basic of these accessories are the snap-on cell phone cases or cell phone covers in various colors and designs. Cell phone covers are popular among the younger age groups who want a different look of their cell phone from time to time.

Changing the cell phone cover is also advisable to achieve a clean and nice looking cell phone in cases when the cover had been worn out by frequent usage. Some cell phone units that make use of this accessory are Nokia 6315, 6215, 6102, 6103, 2366, 5300 and 2610 models. Other brands include selected models of Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Sanyo, LG and many other brands.

Another popular accessory is the ear piece or earphone. This piece of accessory is useful among drivers who like to take calls while driving or those who want to use their phones while having work out or other activities. Ear piece or earphone frees the hands while talking on the phone because there is no need to lift the phone to take a call. Instead, one can keep the phone in his pocket or rack and an earphone is connected to the phone through a thin, lightweight cable all the way to the earpiece.

This type has a built in microphone along the cable enabling the user to be heard on the other line. Advancements in the technology had led to the development of Bluetooth headset. This is an advanced version of a typical earphone with advanced features as well. It is wireless and offers a better reception enabling you to make or take a phone call without lifting your unit. A cell phone unit with Bluetooth feature is required to make use of this accessory such as Motorola Razr2, LG Muziq, Motorola W385 and Nokia 6085. Headsets or ear phones can also be used in listening music from your cell phone.

Other popular cell phone accessories include charms that are attached to the cell phones, screen protectors to protect the cell phone screen, USB cables that enable file transfer from computer to cell phone and vice versa and memory sticks to enable cell phone to store more multimedia files.

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