Outsourcing Microsoft Hosted Exchange

You can get all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange (including the latest version Exchange Server 2007) without setting up Microsoft Exchange or managing the Exchange Server. There are many companies that provide Microsoft hosted Exchange at a very nominal fee which small businesses or start-ups can afford. Outsourcing your hosted Exchange allows you to focus on your business and core expertise. You save precious dollars and time by letting the experts manage your most critical part of your business, which is e-mail.

Microsoft Exchange 2007 provides you with enhanced mobility features where your location does not prevent you from carrying out business tasks that you would normally do on the office desktop. You can check and reply to your e-mails using a mobile phone; access shared calendars and setup meetings from anywhere in the world with just a simple Internet connection and a browser. This is a highly desirable feature for people who spend a lot of time on the road. This improves productivity and efficiency of your employees. One of the criteria to evaluate vendors is their quality of support.

There is no sure shot way to verify the service till you signup; however few services such as chat support; e-mail support and knowledgebase management will help you determine if they really can provide you a good service. Support looses its value if it's not provided when you really need it. Sending out an e-mail in the middle of the night with simple "How to" question to support will give you an idea if your outsourced vendor is ready to take care of critical situations when you really need the help. The world is shrinking and we have come along way from snail mail to e-mail and to a technology like hosted Exchange where information and e-mail are just click away?and not just from your computer but even from a mobile device.

The devices are getting smaller and can be carried around anywhere in the world. In this competitive world need to access business critical information anytime, anywhere is important to get that edge against competitors. Due to these reasons more and more people and business have started using hosted Exchange.

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