Optimum Introduces SEO Copywriting Services

Optimum7 is pleased to announce the addition of SEO Copywriting Services for its clients. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service that promises to deliver high search engine rankings for targeted keywords. However, achievement of high rankings, particularly for highly competitive keywords, on the major search engines of Google, Yahoo and MSN requires a continuous stream of highly relevant and engaging content. This content needs to be primarily textual content and published both on the website and promoted for publication (syndicated) throughout the web via thousands of online publishing vehicles. Content is critical for a successful website in terms of achieving relevance and maximum visibility.

"We find that though content is so very important, many of our new clients do not have the time, the wherewithal or the necessary personnel to write content as is consistently necessary," explains Optimum7 CEO Arthur Cooper. "Not having a steady stream of good content is no different than having a locomotive engine with an unreliable source of fuel. The engine won't operate and the train will go nowhere. Many of our clients come to us after being frustrated in their online marketing attempts because they are not being highly rated on the search engines. It's a mystery to them.

More often than not, the core reason for poor performance is the lack of content, both on the website and on the web in general. We have bridged the gap by making SEO Copywriting available to all of our clients to insure that we have at least sufficient textual content to make a difference in the overall Search Engine and Internet Marketing strategy." Optimum7 has taken the content issue to a new level by hiring copywriters from diverse backgrounds; several are PhD's from teaching backgrounds looking for new sources of income. "Content is so important to compete effectively on the search engines and online in general that it can no longer be an option in terms of Search Engine Optimization Services," explains Optimum7 Director of Online Marketing, Duran Inci. He adds, "SEO and Copywriting are mutually inclusive and that is now reflected in all of our contracts with our clients. We are invested in the success of our clients and are actually largely paid based on the performance of the targeted keywords.

We have many clients who supply their own content and that is wonderful, however, for those that can't or even won't, we provide this as a service to fully integrate and "optimize" the SEO service." "Content need not be "literature" says Cooper. "We merely need relevant textual content. Our staff then edits the content, optimizes it for targeted keywords and then publishes it on the website and / or syndicates it via a vast myriad of online publishing portals." According to Inci, "When we successfully promote and publish our client's content, valuable relevant backlinks are created and these backlinks, that serve to connect the online content with relevant content on the targeted website and for the targeted keyword(s), are the "point scorers" that increase rankings." The site with the most points or the highest relevance quotient for the targeted keyword is how Google and other search engines rank sites.

The results of this integrated content strategy for SEO services is best described by Optimum7's Chief Technology Officer, Adelard Gasana who states "We can see the results in a direct cause and effect way. The results are rarely immediate because Google must crawl the website and must index the syndicated content to be meaningful to their algorithm. However, within 1-3 months, we can see through our analytics, the direct link between online content and the site itself. Soon thereafter, voila, we see our clients' sites increasing up the search pages. As long as we consistently have fresh new relevant content, we keep this trend moving higher and in the right direction.

It is only when we don't publish that we see the negative of lower rankings. That is why I am so pleased that all Optimum7 SEO clients have a commitment to have consistently new content, whether through their own efforts or Optimum7 Copywriting." Optimum7 is making further use of written content to further bring search engine relevancy for their clients.

In addition, where applicable, they are generating multimedia forms of content that they are also syndicating through multimedia portals such as Itunes, Facebook, MySpace and many more. As with textual content, successful syndication of Podcasts and Video creates backlinks and relevancy for the Google Spiders. Video Demonstrations, Product or Company Recommendations, Podcasts are just a few examples of further opportunities for Optimum7 clients to benefit from content, much of which is now available directly from Optimum 7 Copywriting and SEO Services. Cooper concludes, "We are a results driven company. That means we do not sell packages and offer our services on a piecemeal or hourly basis; that is fee for service.

We are fee for RESULTS. That is what the client wants and we seek to bring all of our expertise to generate the highest result possible. We continue to R&D to stay at the leading edge of all phases of Internet Marketing. Our SEO Copywriting Services is the latest example of who we are. It's not just the service, it's the result and in fact we will not take on a project without the full commitment of the client to new content.

In this way, our client can never be sorely disappointed as they so often are when coming to us in the first place. After all, people don't come to us because everything is going great for them online. We want to make sure that the new client has found a home with Optimum7 and will have long term peace of mind that they are achieving the best results possible." Optimum7 is an Internet Marketing Company specializing in Search Engine Marketing with special emphasis in Organic SEO. Their adjunctive services include Copywriting Services, Custom Ecommerce Design and Integrated Ecommerce SEO, PPC Management, Submissions programs, Affiliate Marketing programs, Email Marketing Programs, Website Functionality and Design, Website Consulting, Custom Packages and Programming.

The company is based in Morristown, NJ with offices in Miami, FL and Istanbul, Turkey. is a SEO Company with primary focus on Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). offers a rich consultative approach that our clients find refreshing. We actually listen to our clients to learn exactly what their problems and objectives are. Optimum7 Introduces SEO Copywriting Services.

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