Optimize For Search Engines And For Visitors

The question on webmasters' lips is whether to optimize their website for search engines or for visitors. There are arguments for both sides of the argument. On the one hand, without good search engine optimization a website may struggle to actually get any visitors but attracting tens of thousands of visitors a day would be of little consequence if the website doesn't convert those visitors into full paying customers.

Keep Your Website's Goal In Mind

It's incredibly easy to get wrapped up in search engine optimization and to forget the ultimate goal of your website. Whether this goal is for visitors to click on links, purchase products or pay for your service you need to encourage your website traffic to do this. The most effective way is to produce exceptionally written and informative content but natural content writing never used to perform well in the search engine result pages.

Is Google Doing Good?

There's good news for anyone looking to profit from their website and keep their customers happy. Despite being maligned by webmasters and SEO professionals, Google is attempting to update its algorithms for the better. The intention behind recent changes has been to penalize websites that rely on nothing more than search engine optimization. It seems that the major search engines are just as serious about promoting websites that are geared towards visitors as the rest of the Internet is.

Mild Search Engine Optimization And Why It's Necessary

The problem that search engines face when determining the validity of websites is that they can't physically crawl every website manually and have someone look over the content. They have to use software and hardware that automates this task. Subsequently, they have to use keyword rules to determine the topics that a website covers. This means it is still necessary to ensure that your website contains the keywords you are targeting and usually more than once in the entire text of the page. However, sites reaching top spot in search engine results because they have crammed their pages with keywords is something that has long been dead.

Natural Keyword Inclusion

The most effective method, then, of writing website content is to write it naturally as though you'd never heard of search engines, and more specifically search engine optimization. Once you've written your text with your keywords in mind you will usually find that you have included the important keywords already. Read through the content again and if there are any areas where you can naturally insert these keywords then do so. This will give extra credence to your content in the eyes of search engines but don't get carried away. In preference to including same keyword over and over again, use several related keywords.

Keep It Fresh, Keep It Popular

One other area that will help your site greatly is the regular introduction of fresh content. By regularly updating your website you will keep visitors returning and ensure that they get value from your website, predisposing them to the idea of purchasing or clicking links. Do this and the search engines will also smile down on you without you having to get heavily involved in search engine optimization practices.

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