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Have you ever come across an poster so good you just felt like taking home?, or seen an ad so funny you though of many places within your house to place it?. As the internet grows, more and more content becomes available, not only in text form but through video and pictures as well. Web surfers who visit social networking sites such as forums, photo sharing sites as well as video sharing sites have come across some pretty impressive poster designs but the only problem keeping us apart from this content is our design limitations. Most uses think of design applications such as microsoft paint which is very basic tool for doing basic drawings and sketches, other image design, manipulation and modification tools include applications such as photoshop which is known for producing incredible image effects at a professional level. At these point most users start to experience the problems of design knowledge limitations, advanced image manipulation software such as photoshop has a high learning curve which can take months to master so the average enthusiast can get discouraged rather quickly, but the fascination with image manipulation remains as we are constantly bombarded with professional designed posters, ads and movies. Luckily there are several useful applications which can produce high quality image results by using a simple concept, templates.

Have you ever stopped and carefully seen a "Most Wanted" poster placed on a wall?, if you have then you might have noticed that this particular image is composed by two layers or sections, one is the picture and the other is the layout, after applying an additional effect the image and the layout can be fused together to create a uniform look. Software designers know these differences and have created easy to use tools to design professional looking posters through a template system. What this basically allows users to do is to drag an image into a design using a template which will be modified through a step by step sequence. Using such applications one can create funny, motivational and all kinds of posters, for instance, an employee who constantly complained about his boss being late created a "most wanted poster" and hung it on the wall to make a point to his boss; online users tend to do the same through message boards so there are several uses for such applications without having to invest in extremely complicated and costly solutions.

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