Keyword Elite Worth buying or not

This is my honest review of Brad Callen's "Keyword Elite". More and more people, are finding that it helps using Keyword Elite for their serious keyword research. Personally, I have used SEO Elite, Keyword Elite and am, now, trying Brad Callen's brand new product, "Affiliate Elite".

I have found them all perfect for my needs. Why? Because they all work, for me! As you all must have noticed, there is so much exaggeration surrounding most products flogged on the internet and several of their sales pages are almost as long as "War and Peace", but Brad Callen always over-delivers on his fine products and they well worth their highesh price. Support has always been first class, so if you're stuck, help is soon on its way to you.

At this time, Keyword Elite lists five categories. I'll go through them one at a time and give you a very brief run down of their points. 1. Create A keyword List 2. Analyze Pay Per Click Listing 3.

Select A Keyword List 4. Analyze Keyword Competition 5 Spy On Adwords Competition Project 1 - Build a keyword list: If you prefer a larger keyword list, Keyword Elite makes it easy. Simply enter a primary keyword, or phrase and choose the search engines. Keyword Elite will generate a keyword list, varying in size from 100 to 10,000 keywords, from Google, Yahoo, Meta Tags. Plus misspellings, if you wish to put them in. Keyword, WordTracker, or Discovery, may also be searched, if you have an account with one, or the other.

Or both. Be aware A very large list, such as 10,000 can take time to generate. Can take a day, or three. This was included to prevent you from being banned, by spacing the queries, as overuse of automatic keyword mining has messed it up for we innocent types.

Don't let it bother you at all, as you don't have to twiddle your thumbs until the end before starting work on the list. Project 2 - Analyze pay-per-click listings: Also dead easy to use. Just put in your keywords, then choose the search engines.

Again, results may take a little while. Instead of sitting around waiting, go into Report View and workyour little tail off there. Look at: Searches, KEI, Total results and searches, cost of Adwords clicks. Campaign numbers Adwords, Enhance, Miva and Yahoo.

Much more there. Project 3 - Select a keyword list: Saves a lot of time. Really a dictionary of keywords and phrases.

40,000, plus, lists will appear for you. Keyword Elite will format your keywords for broad, phrase and exact matches. Project 4 - Analyze keyword competition: Keyword Elite shows keyword information for the top 10 sites. Great to find Possible partner web sites.

Project 5 - Spy on AdWords competition: Another good way to makemore money from your Adwords campaigns. Find the top advertisers and rework their advertisements. In Keyword Elite, you can easily transfer your gleanings, from one project to another. This, of course, saves you even more time. This critique has, of necessity, been brief. You will find more, really exciting information about Keyword Elite, including five great step-by-step videos, showing you how it all comes together, by following the links in the Author's Details, below.

Cheers, Ray Cunningham.

About the author: Ray Cunningham, has used and is still using Keyword Elite and some other Brad Callen software, for his nicely optimized websites, which are bringing in an increasing income from his on line activites. Go to his web site. Look at his page at: to read more. Don't forget to watch the really great videos. You won't regret it if you do. His exciting bonus is so very different from the usual bunch of junk offered by some others. It is beautiful, exclusive frameworthy and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Keyword Elite, or any other software, for that matter!

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