Is Ebay Crusher a scam Or is it the real deal

Is Ebay Crusher a scam? Or is it the real deal? Let us take a closer look at this report launched on 08 May 2008. David Fransko created this system, promising it to be a never - seen before system to make money without a product. Right, that sounds a bit far - fetched but is that really the case? I had the connection to once-over the Ebay Crusher ( EC ) report and here ' s the prodigious sprint - fini on what goes into it. Authored by David Fransko, a former Ebay powerseller and now an straighten marketer, this report contains 47 pages, 9 chapters of content.

It shows you how to sell without owning a product or a inventory. Every captain tells you that you essential a guide predominance system to make money, but the truth is, not many marketers own a huge list let alone newbies who are just starting out. The Ebay Crusher Method provides the solution to level the playing field.

It does not matter whether you just started to learn affiliate marketing or have been successful and experienced in selling, the report allows you to profit quickly, sometimes within hours. Affiliates who struggle with driving quality traffic to their websites and sellers who have been booted out of the auction game because of poor profit margins will find the system a God - sent. EC not only addresses the traffic issue, it also offers the remedy to the profit margin problem.

The recent ban on instant product downloads by the online auction did not make it easier for sellers. The system ' s final chapter explains the key to overcome this ban. Sellers can rejoice once again and will pocket more cash since the ban has literally removed all competition. What I do not like about the Ebay Crusher system: It contains 2 chapters which are pretty basic stuff. While I cannot assume that all marketers will know that, what is taught in the middle 2 chapters can be found in other free reports. But they are necessary to give an overview picture to the affiliate marketing game.

Perhaps combining the 2 into one chapter will make it a better read. Is it a scam and not worth its $77 price tag? Ebay Crusher is clearly not a scam. Frankly, the Ebay Crusher Method alone can earn you many times the initial investment. But I cannot vouch for your earnings since you may buy it and not apply it at all.

But for those who intend to apply, application is not going to be difficult since David has made the guide an easy to follow tutorial. It takes anyone of any affiliate marketing skill level by hand and leads you through the entire process. Read a full no - fluff Ebay Crusher review at my online marketing blog and see how I dissect each of the 9 chapters in the report to reveal the good and bad of this report.

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