How to Make Money Selling on eBay

The media has a love affair with bizarre online sales - ghosts in a jar, grilled cheese sandwiches with the Virgin Mary baked right in, loyalty to sports teams - we've all heard plenty of strange things that have been sold on eBay. However, the more that individuals hear about these strange stories, the more aware we become that there are plenty of people making a lot of money on eBay. In addition, there are a host of "get rich quick" programs out there that focus on eBay. Radio and even television have been invaded by internet gurus that claim to show you how to quit your job and begin making full time incomes on eBay and how to become a Powerseller.

You could pay thousands of dollars to these gurus to have them teach you how to make money selling on eBay, but the truth is that it is quite easy to do so. Contrary to popular opinion, the key to eBay selling is not to go to garage sales and thrift stores looking for gems. The key to building an eBay business is not to scrounge around your house looking for collectibles that will demand a high price. Although there are those that do this, it is not the best way to make full-time incomes or second income streams. Instead, the key to working at home via the world largest marketplace (a.

k.a. eBay) is in selling other people's products, which is what internet work at homers like to call "drop shipping.

" Drop shipping (also seen as one word) is simply the process of selling wholesale products for a profit and having your supplier ship directly to the customer. Dropship businesses are nothing new, but the internet has made it possible (and profitable) for the common stay at home parent, retiree or student to make good money following the same process that has been used by companies for years. The dropship process works like this: 1.

) the work at homer finds a product at a wholesale price 2.) the product is listed on eBay (or another auction site) or one's own web site 3.) a customer finds and makes a purchase 4.) the seller then orders the product from the supplier and ships to the customer By following this process, the seller avoids putting down any money, because payment is made before the product is ever ordered. The seller also avoids the packaging and shipping process, because the supplier ships directly to the customer.

This process can be duplicated for any product to serve any group of perspective buyers. Most Powersellers achieve this status by drop shipping, and they often make full time incomes doing so. Where do they find products to sell? This is a topic in and of itself, but most drop shippers find wholesale products via drop ship directories.

Before quitting your job and attempting to make money drop shipping, it is important to start small. Attempt to drop ship a few items, and once you find your way around eBay and get used to the process, then you can spend more time and energy into your business.

For more eBay tips and strategies, visit Daniel Westfield is an internet entrepreneur who has used the internet to quit his job and work full time from home. He teaches others his eBay strategies via his website, How to Make Money Selling on eBay.

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