How My So Called Password Protected Members Area Was A Total Fraud

When I first launched my product, I designed it so it would be password protected, and in that way only my customers would be able to access what I was selling them. The problem is that if I wanted to generate a unique password for everyone that would take the time, energy and resources to create a script that would do this. Now, I don't know about you but I always want the best solution, at the lowest cost, and in the lowest amount of time. Since at that time there was no password protection function available, I used a simple script that would allow me to use this function, but it had a catch: Every Password was the same. Unfortunately, I would soon realize, this came with a price. After a while, after I started selling and selling my program, I realized my support was growing at an exponential rate.

It wasn't even related to the amount I was selling, it was growing way faster. I started getting to the source of this to see what was going on. I mean, can you imagine spending 6 hours a day doing support, and doing SO MUCH of it, that you start to realize that there has to be something off going on.

This was my case, and I soon discovered that the so called "password protection" I had, was just a nice open door for everyone online to come in, grab my product, and even ask me all the questions they wanted, without even having to buy anything. I came to realize that I could have just as easily saved a LOT of my time and effort if I have had an effective password protection system that would have allowed me to control the access of the users to my site. Fortunately, I caught up to that and took some measures that not only did they allow me to password protect my members area, but also I started doing things like increasing my sales and reducing the support I was doing. My point is, get the right tools from the start, because if you are just trying to "get through" from the start, you will find that it will catch up to you in ways that you still haven't conceived where possible. You'd be surprised at the things you can accomplish when you have a business that has the fluidity, because it is true that everything is related to everything.

So if you have a good password protected members area, you will have more satisfied customers, more security in your website and a whole list of benefits you can't even begin to imagine.

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