How Internet Marketing Overload Can Sideline Your Online Business

Irritable Online Marketing Syndrome (IOMS) more commonly known as information overload may be the number one barrier to Web site marketing success. Whether you own an online home business or full-fledged internet business you may find yourself affected by this disease which stops newbies and intermediate users in their tracks, although veterans may find themselves sometimes impacted as well. Some people consider IOMS as being purely psychological, as in "the wall" that runners hit during a marathon.

However, the malady really occurs as the result of individuals not understanding that true internet marketing may be considered a course of study and not merely some "get-rich-quick" tactics. "Pie-in-the-sky" internet marketing consultants tell unsuspecting neophytes that they can make money online and replace their current income by following their system only a few hours per day or week - even in their pajamas. Truthfully, most successful internet-savvy business owners still work 10 to 12 hours per day and sometimes more. IOMS usually comes about when an entrepreneur realizes that in order to master every aspect of online marketing, one has to study and prepare much like being in pursuit of a college degree. To minimize your chances of being affected by IOMS, which often leads to becoming a complete internet marketing dropout, I would like to suggest three steps that you can take immediately.

1. Drop all courses that do not benefit you. In other words, if you are honestly trying and what the gurus or consultants teach, do not move you towards your goals, then you may have to drop them -- before you become a dropout. When I considered dropping out of the internet marketing race, I first took some time to review all of the newsletters and mailing lists I subscribed to. Surprisingly they numbered nearly 100. My initial interest waned for the majority of them, and I can not tell you their content over the last several months.

Sure, I once received value from them, but for study purposes, others took priority. Therefore, I could no longer allocate time for them. 2. Carry a selective course load. After deleting the non-priority "classes" I immediately received an unexpected benefit by being able to better manage my in-box. Nevertheless, I could not depart with three resources -- the same three that I look forward to receiving correspondence from each week.

Maybe not so coincidently, I own one or two of their paid products, and more importantly, once I implemented their concepts, they more than proved their worth. The benefits you seek should not only keep your interest, but because graduation usually means introduction to a higher paying career, everything you select should motivate you enough to absorb all that you can. Now, for me, I can easily manage three different programs, as far studying them -- your situation may differ, but trying to juggle 10 or so marketing paradigms is difficult at best.

3. Set aside ample time for class and for study. It never ceases to amaze me that people will pay for a higher education and then spend most of their time partying. While I know all work and no play makes John a dull boy, the real partying begins after graduation.

You can't master a discipline without putting forth the effort to learn. It may not be complex, but it can still take a long time to master. The easiest way to do this is to commit to a set amount of time every day to study whatever activity you choose. Is there a true benefit to mastering a subject? A recent survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council reveals that students finishing Master of Business Administration programs this year are being offered base salaries as high as $92,360.00.

Mastering Internet Marketing principles can bring untold riches. Too many stories abound about online business owners who found success shortly after making up their minds to give it one more shot -- after first being infected with IOMS.

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