How important is a domain name

The simple answer to this question wouldn't be easy, a domain name can determine how easy or hard it is to get your website successful. A targeted domain name will be more effective for a number of reasons but don't worry if you already have a domain which isn't targeted ? it can still rank well for any keyword, you just have to know how to go about it. A targeted domain name will give you the benefit of being able to connect to the niche you site is about therefore eliminate any rubbish traffic who isn't even interested in your niche.

For example you wouldn't visit a site called if you were not interested in buying or seeing information about bathrooms would you? The first thing that a search engine looks at is the domain name itself. If you were to have your keyword included in your domain name then you get a natural boost from the very beginning and are on a good start getting traffic from the major search engines. This doesn't mean that you wont be able outrank a site with your main keyword in its domain, you will just have to put more effort into getting back links and using quality content rather then duplicate.

If you run an online company it's vital that you have something in your domain name that describes the business as this will help people identify what you do and how you can help them. By choosing a domain name you can often create a good company logo based on the words used in the domain itself as many people use that to create a company theme, logo and site design. By spending the time getting the perfect domain will save you lots of time and money in the long run so it's vital that you find the perfect one before you do anything else. You can spend a lot of time finding an available domain that you like, decide what extension you prefer because there are many available. The commonly used ones are .

com,, .net, .org, .edu and .

gov. If you're targeting people in the UK then you are suggested to invest in a whereas if you're going for a general audience go for a .com, .net or .

org. Some domains are not freely available to register, these are .edu and .gov, and you have to apply for them as these have great authority.

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