Examining Your Business Plan

All great projects, businesses and methods of accomplishing something begin with a plan. A plan is essential in the formulation and organization of ideas. All buildings or houses need a plan or blueprint. To build a bridge or a road you need a plan.

To write an article one must draft an outline to organize one's thoughts. If you don't plan beforehand you'll end up with lots of unorganized ideas and you'll have spent a lot of time achieving nothing. You need a plan before you can build. You will continuously perfect your original idea/concept as you create, structure review and analyze your content such as articles. You will continuously refer to the plan that started it all. At the same time you will be discovering exciting new topics that you will be able to use to structure new quality content pages.

Focusing your material on a single theme/concept is the optimum way to score with both Search engines and your potential customers/visitors. Each article should focus on a topic or even better, a specific keyword related to that theme. Search engines want to see a tightly focused theme across the board. Diluted theme-based concepts that touch on a number of un-related topics rank poorly with search engines. If your visitors do not see quality and depth in the information they are seeking regarding a specific subject they will not consider you as a credible source and, with the simple click of a mouse, will be off in search of a more targeted and informative place to solve their problems. A diluted source will rank you poorly with your visitors.

To decide what topics(i.e. specific keywords) to write about, choose those that: - you can enjoy writing about or know about (or can research) - fit with your theme/concept - provide you with the opportunity to build good content - concentrate on keywords with a good profitability score - have a good number of possible partners (to monetize your traffic) When you begin to create and write your material start with keywords that have the greatest combination of high DEMAND and low SUPPLY, interest/passion and most viable monetization options. Next take a highly profitable keyword and write an article or develop a Keyword-Concentrated Content Page for your site. Create the type of article or page that is wanted and loved by visitors and Search Engines alike. Remember it all begins with a plan.

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SEO Techniques

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