Entering and Winning Canadian Contests

While there are plenty of online contests and sweepstakes to enter out there, you shouldnt necessarily assume that just because a contest is presented in the English language that it was started in the United States. There is also a vast number of Canadian contests and sweepstakes that are tailored specifically for people from Canada, or that also include Canada in the list of countries where it is legal to enter. For Canadians who are searching for contests to enter, tailoring your search to include offers that are exclusive to Canadian citizens is a good way to increase your chances of winning.

In fact, most contests and sweepstakes that originate in the United States are also legal for Canadian citizens to enter. You can usually find this out by scanning the official entry rules, but if theres any question at all, be sure to contact the company or website putting on the sweepstakes to verify that its legal for Canadian citizens to enter. Although the two countries share a border, many of the laws and regulations that apply to American contests might make it difficult for a Canadian to participate.

In spite of this, however, there are still hundreds of different opportunities for you to enter contests that are open to both Americans and Canadians.

And while there do exist a number of American contests or sweepstakes that stop Canadians from entering, there are just as many Canadian contests that are exclusive to their own citizens only. A great way to search for exclusively Canadian sweepstakes is by using your favorite search engine to discover websites that feature Canada contests. There are more than a few, and most of them categorize contests by subject, entry requirements, and winnings. Just make sure that you check the validity of the website and never give any personal or credit card information when entering.

While there are some Canadian contests that do require an entry fee to participate, its generally not a good practice to pay in order to get your name tossed in the hat.

There are literally hundreds of opportunities to enter many different types of sweepstakes and contests that dont require an entry fee. Instead, they usually require you to post a comment, link back to their site from your website, or even purchase a small product to get your entry into the sweepstakes. Giving any website or company your personal credit card information to enter a contest is an unwise decision that could come back to haunt you.

With a little work, the average Canadian can find dozens of contests and sweepstakes each year to enter that are exclusive to Canadian citizens.

The trick to winning is simply tenacity and consistency. You cant win if you dont enter in the first place, and the more contests you enter, the better your chances become. Dont give up, never give out your private information, and with a little luck, youll be the next big winner in a Canadian contest.


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