Ease Record Keeping Using Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate programs are a next step up way to increase traffic to and sales for your web site. Do you have a fairly well established, though still developing web site? Do you have some sales every month with some steady customers? If so, perhaps you are ready to start an affiliate program to move to the next rung on the ladder up. There are several affiliate tracking software solutions that keep track of sales, clicks, and commissions for you.

Affiliate tracking software solutions come in different sizes and styles of packages. Software for a click based program allows you to pay affiliates a set rate for each visitor who comes over to your web site. Look for click based software with helpful features including features like click through tracking, link code generation (keeping banners current and linked correctly), referral tracking plus detailed stats. Other software lets you set up a commission or flat rate of pay, your choice of one or the other, for each potential customer sent via your affiliate members. You can also customize the commission schedule for individual affiliates. Sound good so far? Commission based programs can be more economical because you only pay affiliates when their referrals generate sales.

This will probably be your choice although you should always test this step first to get the most accurate potential results. You do not always have to choose between click based or commission affiliate tracking software. Programs are available that let you use both pay arrangements. If you can handle the mild headaches from this and give your affiliates a choice, they may like this choice idea, and you may get more affiliate sign ups sooner, longer and to keep for yourself in the long run.

Many affiliate tracking software solutions now have private affiliate network capability. This feature is very helpful and convenient for those with multiple web sites. The above also lets you run one affiliate program for all your web sites on your own private network as opposed to setting up affiliate programs for each site. Many webmasters like this way better. Here is how it works; The basic premise of affiliate programs is the same as for all affiliate tracking software solutions.

An affiliate joins your program by logging into the member area on your web page. Then, there the affiliate can get the tools needed for linking to your site such as banner codes, text links, product images, linking and loading up and posting instructions etc. Next, when a visitor clicks from the affiliate web page to yours, the tracking software places a cookie on the web site of the computer of the visitor to track them as he or she browses your web site. The longer the cookie is left on the web site, preferably forever, the more affiliates will like and be patient with your link on their web site waiting for that all important first sale to appear on their monitor from you.

If the visitor buys a product or service from your web site, the tracking software then notes the affiliate responsible for said visitor and records the sale in a database. The Administrator and the affiliate are both notified of the sale via email. Be always aware of the possibility of hackers and commission thieves cheating your affiliates. Nothing can ruin your affiliate program quicker. This just happened to an associate of mine at another Article Directory website.

Affiliate software will make it easy to monitor the success of your affiliate programs by tracking the number of times banners or links are displayed. They will also keep track of the number of visitors who linked to your web site, and how many of these visits resulted in a sale. Finally, the affiliate tracking software keeps a regular record keeping account of commissions earned by and the payout to your important affiliates.

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