Do You Know How To Create A Successful Web Site

Most people do not realize that the key to making money on the Internet depends on your website. Your site does not have to be perfect to be successful. If your website is making you money, would you consider it successful? I would. What is important is that a website should bring in money each and every day! What makes a website successful? A website that brings in targeted traffic and visitors who buy services or products is what actually makes a site valuable. A successful site should deliver leads, customers or sales. It sells and has value.

The success of your website will depend on one thing, your targeted keywords or keyphrases. Once your keywords or phrases rank high in the search engines then your site will get targeted traffic. If you take the time and effort to develop targeted keywords that relate to your websites content then your site will earn you money.

If you do this one thing right, get high rankings for your websites keywords, then you will have a successful site, no matter how well your website is designed! This certainly does not mean that your websites design does not play an important part in the success of your site. Tips For Creating A Successful WebSite 1. Use professional graphics, headings and logos. 2. Your website should be easy to navigate with no dead links.

3. All links should be clearly visible and should make sense as far as where they will take your visitors. 4. Your fonts and colors should be easy to view and consistent throughout your entire site. 5.

Set up your sites content in as simple a manner as possible, focusing on what your visitors are looking for, information. 6. Try to have only one topic per page with an appropriate title at the top. Include your main keyword or phrases in your title and within your pages content. 7. Make sure that your website loads quickly.

Most visitors will not wait long for your site to load. 8. Once you finish developing your website make sure you check it for compatibility with different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.

9. Keep your websites content informative but short. Provide valuable, useful information that will appeal to the search engines as well as your visitors. 10. Your meta tags are very important.

Make sure you include your keywords or phrases in your meta tag title and description for each page of your site. 11. Provide fresh content on your website weekly, if not daily.

12. Do not user frames. 13. Optimize your website for search engines.

Do this for every page you create. If you can give your visitors what they are looking for, then your site will be successful. How do you know what your visitors are looking for? Well, chances are that your visitors are looking for specific information, information that they will fine useful and that will also encourage them to visit your website often. Quality is more important then quantity. Interesting content can attract more visitors to your site then by copying as much text as possible onto your website and making it available. How would you define good content? Your websites content should encourage your visitors to think, laugh, get upset, motivated or informed.

But most importantly should bring them back for more. Before you create your website you may want to think about these three things. 1. Determine the purpose of your website. Why do you want a website? What do you expect to gain from having a presence on the internet? Once you know what the purpose of your website is then you can easily determine your target audience.

2. Identify any short and long term goals. Put together a few short-term goals for your website that will be fairly easy to achieve over the next year. Long term goals can be realized by first identifying a number of short term goals that together could help you accomplish a long-term goal. 3. Figure out the image that you would like your website to portray.

A good first impression is critical to your visitors, since they probably do not know you. If your website is not informative and organized you may appear unprofessional. Creating a successful website will take time and persistence.

Your site will continually grow and change. Just remember to provide informative content that is easy to read and your visitors will come back for more, the search engines will love you. When your site starts getting tons of targeted traffic for a specific topic then that is when you know that you have created a successful website. Copyright 2007 by Joe Rispoli.

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