Create an Audio Greeting for Your Visitors

On average, a website visitor will spend about 10 seconds looking at it before they decide if they will continue to stay and browse or leave. By adding an audio greeting, you can help peek the interest of your visitor, and keep them on your site. When you have the opportunity to meet someone in person, you get to meet them face to face- introduce yourself by name, shake their hand, etc.

Business on the internet is so much more impersonal, as you aren't able to meet someone in the same way. By adding a picture of yourself to the top right hand corner of your site and adding an audio greeting that introduces yourself to the visitor, you can mimic the effects of an "in-person" meeting. They are no longer looking at a cold, nameless, unfeeling website; they are looking at your website and they are doing business with you. Another great way to use an audio message is to provide an auditory tour of your site.

Instead of having to click through all your pages or search your sitemap, your voice can offer a guided tour through your website. If you are offering a free report, you could announce that. Whatever your message, it will help show the message that you are there guiding them through the website and are helping them.

Your audio greeting can also help convey your enthusiasm for your website and your belief in your products. As an internet marketer, your customers cannot see you, and they cannot touch your products. Normally, all they would have to help them make the busying decision are the words on their computer screen, and possibly a few images.

An audio message can be the tool you nee to help you get the sale and increase profits. If you show excitement and enthusiasm in your message, you can spread your belief to your prospective customer. They will hear confidence in your products. Share with them why they don't want to live without your product, and give them reasons. They will begin to share your energy and will want to buy your product.

There are endless ways to add audio to your website. You could have greetings on different pages, like your "about us" page, or your "contact us" page. If you're adding audio, don't forget to keep written print on the pages as well. The print content is what will attract the search engines, and they will be sending you traffic.

Your audio message are what will keep the traffic on your site.

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