Buying a domain name

When you decide you want to make a website you need to firstly buy a domain name in order to host it and get ftp access to upload your files so that you can build it. Buying a domain name is very easy, you just have to know what to look for and where to get it from. There are many cheap reliable registrars who are recommended by others, once you find one you need to first check that is still available. If it is you can buy it for the standard registry fee which varies from company to company, if it isn't available then it's not the end of the world.

You could actually contact the owners and see if there willing to sell it, its unbelievable how many people say yes if you offer them a decent amount of money. This does have its advantages as the domain will have aged and already getting traffic to the site, you can build on this to make the current earnings and traffic even better. Another advantage an older domain has over a brand new one is the fact that Google tends to sandbox new sites making them restricted at first until Google can check through the site to make sure it is all ok. If you want to buy an aged domain you need to ensure you're buying more than the name itself, you need to check how much traffic the site gets, how much profit it makes on a monthly basis and other vital statistics which could raise the price. Check what keywords it ranks for and how you could improve it on a whole. Then you need to offer a reasonable price to see if the current owner would be interested.

When you are either registering or buying a domain name there are many different extensions, some are better than the others so you need to ensure that you're buying into the right one. The common extensions are .com, ., .org, .net, .info, .edu, .

org, .mobi and a few more that are really worth buying into. The top 4 that you can register are .com, ., .net and .org. .Edu and .

gov are for educations and government sites only so you are not allowed to register a domain name with that extension. This also means that if you are able to get links from these sites they hold more authority than normal domain extensions.

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