Are Cheap Dedicated Servers Expensive

When one talks about dedicated servers then companies, offers it at fairly low amount of charges.Everyone is aware about the ruthless competition prevailing in the web hosting market. Due to this hosting companies never hesitate to cross the limits to attract customers. The final bill which comes in the user's hand will be quite high because it includes the other necessities which were not previously included and excluding whom one cannot run a dedicated server.

It will become quite late when user realizes that requirements provided in the low priced hosting are not up to the mark.Thus, there are few things which the user should keep in mind as early as possible. There are several ploys which the companies use, but main and general ploy is to provide user hardware configuration and specifications that are insufficient and require an upgrade to run user's dedicated server.

For instance, user gets delivered an Intel Pentium 4 server possessing just 256 Mega Byte of RAM. When user get knowledge of that the necessary upgrades demands high amount of price. In majority of cases, user will observe that fee required for the license will not be included in the package. Cost of the same control panel may vary from host to host.Another issue is related to control panel.

Running a dedicated server without a control panel is a daunting task. It will be required by both users as well as by the clients who by the hosting services from that concern user. They either provides an expensive per GB back up solution or rather offer backup in volume slabs which generally not required by the user, particularly for an enterprise which is in a beginning stage. One should remain vigil about this feature.While purchasing a cheap dedicated server the backup solution can also sometimes proves to be a surprising package. Here, cheap hosts will choose one of the two routes.

There are many issues which can be very critical later on. For example, what will be the reaction from a host's side if the user counters hardware failure or serious network connection problems. This is a critical question to answer because one can loose a large amount of clients if his/her site faces a downtime.Technical support is another criterion to concern.

One should ensure about the charges of providing technical assistance and services. This is because for a dedicated server proper technical support plays a very important role.

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