Announcing The First Annual Video Search Summit

By now, everyone is well aware that the internet and its transition from text to video is the wave of the future. Hitting viewers and consumers with visual images is proving to be much more effective and profitable than the ways of the past. Many still regret being left behind during the first of the Internet boom or even the chance to take stock in now larger online companies such as Google. Thankfully an upcoming summit, the Video Search Summit Spring 2008, is giving the progressive minds of today an opportunity to capitalize on an idea that is sweeping the online nation. For anyone hoping to start or expand their career in video search or online video, this event will give them the opportunity to mingle and meet some of the industry's most successful and influential decision makers and leaders. In addition, with 12 hours of networking time and several open panel discussions, attendees will have the chance to pick the brains of these leaders.

The round-table panel discussions will be interactive and debate and discussion will be encouraged. With so many leaders participating in this event, everyone should have the chance to get their voice heard and ask questions from some of the video search industry's top engineers, scientists, researchers, executives, and legal experts. The newest thinking and knowledge will be departed on attendees of the first ever, Video Search Summit, which is happening on April 8th and 9th, in San Francisco. Apart from the invaluable networking opportunities, attendees will also learn the newest and most effective techniques and guidelines for marketing and measuring online video marketing projects. Topics such as how to increase the traffic to your online video through video search engine optimization (Video SEO), and how to measure the effectiveness of your online video marketing campaign using analytics and measurement tools will be discussed and covered in depth at this conference.

Legal experts will also show you how to avoid the common pitfalls that can result in online video legal troubles. Industry leaders continue to sign up for this exciting event to join the likes of Tom Wilde, CEO of Everyzing and Gary Baker, CEO and Founder of ClipBlast. The summit will cover various topics ranging from video marketing, advertising, and monetization, to video indexing, analytics, SEO, and more. The growth of online video consumption and the continual growth of content available online assures us that video search and video marketing will continue to be a strong focus for the next several years. Get your videos seen and don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn all that there is to know about video search. Attend the only event focused exclusively on the world of online Video Search. features news, tips, and information about online video search & marketing and is a media parter in the 2008 Video Search Summit. Visit ReelSEO for a discount code = $100 off the 2008 Video Search Summit

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