Affordable Web Hosting CashRichMoney hires new senior management of marketing department In Charge

Toronto, Ont (PRWEB) November 20, 2007 -- New business tasks are being developed for after hiring new senior management of marketing department. www. first started back in year 2002 with the following web hosting providers: BlueHost, DotEasy and Dot5. Bill Walters was assigned to better manage the quality of service as well as expanding the market of hosting providers. Bill Walters helped expand www.cashrichmoney.

com to establish itself as an award winning and globally leading web hosting Review Company. As time went on CashRichMoney CEO Faraz Dayvandi empowered Bill Walters by allowing to lead the marketing staff during several occasions into providing, dividing and reviewing well-known affordable web hosting companies in the industry. Bill Walters used his expertise to help provide leadership and ideas towards creative website design team, using search engine optimization tactics as well as design innovation in cementing CashRichMoneys place amongst the web hosting reviewers elite. CashRichMoney knew the task ahead would not be easy, with substantial competition across all web hosting review sites, an effective marketing counter-strategy was needed.

With the experience of Bill Walters promoted as Chief Director of Marketing Staff seemed a prominent move, which so far has paid dividends and has raves from the CashRichMoney staff, forecasting a bright future for the company. Effort and hard work will be put forth into finding the best affordable web hosting, this will take some time as information and reviews would first need to be taken into consideration. However with the help of Bill Walters and the rest of the staff and executive committees, cashrichmoney has been exploring better options in providing customer loyalty as well as 3 brand new web hosting companies such as easycgi hostgator and simplehost, which are highly acclaimed as tops in the web hosting industry based on deep and thorough research. CRM looks forward to getting better and providing customers with knowledge, experience, and the best reviews available.

Without providing the best web hosting, customers will not be able to choose from a variety of great hosting companies that would otherwise be kept in the dark.

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