The SEO Techniques Everyone Should Know

Since the beginning of the understanding of Search Engine Optimization - SEO - there have been tons of different theories developed about how to do it "right". The truth is, however, that there is no one single method that is one hundred percent known to be better than the rest. Since the large search engines such as Google and Yahoo! don't release the details of their ranking elements - in addition to the fact that they are constantly changing what these elements are, and how they are weighted in the grand scheme of things - we can only apply the efforts that have been tested and have worked for a given online marketing effort.

The following are the SEO techniques that have been known to work for marketing strategies used by experienced web designers and webmasters. Keep in mind that SEO is an ever-changing experience, and that while these techniques will work for you today, they may not be the same when tomorrow arrives.

1. Google AdWords - this is an SEO technique specifically offered by Google to make certain that you are indeed getting use out of the keywords you want to use. This technique is considered to be quite cost-effective for achieving good search results for your website. It works by allowing you to state the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on a daily basis on your chosen keywords. This can be changed monthly as you witness the results that the Google AdWords SEO technique brings you.

2. Overture Keywords - similar to Google's AdWords, you can choose the keywords you want, however, you cannot limit your daily spending, so this may be an issue if you're on a tight budget. However, it has been found to be quite cost effective when balanced against the number of new visitors and active customers created.

3. Yahoo! Regional Directories - when you have your site indexed by Yahoo! Regional Directories - a place where submission is free - then you will always be in their list. Many new clients are found through this reliable process.

4. Keywords, Site Descriptions, Alt-Tags, Title Tags, and Page Content - these are the main focus of SEO experts and SEO businesses today. These are the five elements that take the most amount of effort when optimizing websites. It all has to do with what is contained within the coding of your website. Unless you are truly confident that you know what you're doing, it is very beneficial to hire a professional SEO company to ensure that you're including all of the right elements, and doing it properly. Have this done before you submit your site to the different search engines, or re-submit your site after you've done your SEO for your website. SEO is well worth paying for to ensure that it is done properly. Professionals will know which keywords to use, how to use them, and how to make sure that they are properly laid out for search engine spiders to crawl the site. Furthermore "illegal" tactics will never be used, which can result in having your website permanently banned from search engines.

5. Online Directories - by submitting your website to any number of different free online directories, you will have an excellent new path for prospective customers to follow to find you. Many are free, others include a nominal charge. If there is a fee involved, do some investigation into the directory first, to make sure that it is worth the money.

6. The Open Directory Project - this is one of the primary resources utilized by the big search engines such as Google for sending their spiders out to crawl new sites. The directory is entirely maintained by humans - that is, every site submitted is reviewed and indexed by a person, not a spider. This does mean that it takes additional time to have your site indexed, but it is well worth the wait.

7. A Blog - adding a blog to your website is a fantastic method for continuing to attract new and repeat visitors to your website. They are drawn to the fresh new content that is constantly being added.

8. Make It Great - Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) is only as good as the website it supports. If you bring lots of visitors to your website, and it has nothing to offer them, or the content is terrible, all of your efforts will be in vain.

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