The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing Guide�

SEO is a modern age Internet Marketing Science, which is the success story behind several online portals relating to wide range of online businesses. But the real question is "What is the ultimate SEO marketing Solution?". This is the question which pops up in the mind of every single business owner across the globe.

Before embarking on SEO Marketing, I will take you through different types of marketing techniques prevalent in the market.

Some of the well known marketing techniques are as follow: -

1) Marketing Offline - Take the case of a pizza delivery shop where every single marketing has be done offline, so in this case they will target newspapers, boards across the road, popular radio channels, and television to promote their new pizza product.

2) Marketing Online and Offline
- Suppose you are having a travel related website, and want to pull customers. In this case you can choose both online, as well as offline marketing channel which is mentioned in the previous example.

3) SEO Online Marketing - Some businesses are completely dependent on Internet, like software development, online casinos, web design, web development, web hosting, and many other businesses. In these businesses, the probability of finding a customer online is 100 times greater than any other marketing channel.

So, the next question which pops up in your mind is, "Where should I start from?" .Below you will find a step by step guide for online seo marketing

Some of them are as follow: -

Step 1: Log on to, and do a little research on different keywords, and select the best keyword which relates to your business. Here you will have to choose some of the top ranking keywords.

Step 2: Here you will start working on the SEO for a list of selected keywords, and you can choose any of the three options listed below.

(i) PPC/Pay per Click - PPC means that your site will start to show for this keyword, from the very moment you pay PPC fees to YAHOO, MSN or GOOGLE. Choose the keyword which is well under your budget, and relates to your business pretty well. Suppose you choose "bad credit home equity loan" keyword, which will cost you around 5,655.00$/month. This cost will be 100% payable to Yahoo, Google, or any other search engine. Further, you will have to hire a PPC Seo Marketing specialist, who will further cost you around 1000$-10,000$ depending upon the keyword chosen. If you can handle PPC yourself, you can surely cut down on your expenditure.

(ii) Organic SEO/ Natural SEO - In natural SEO you are not supposed to pay any monthly charges to Yahoo, Google, or MSN. In case of PPC if you don't pay fixed amount for the next month your website doesn't show up. Organic/Natural Seo option is often opted by Businesses which do not want to pay hefty PPC amounts, or those who have broader vision of Marketing. In Organic SEO, time frame is a major drawback. If you are targeting a top level keyword, it can easily take somewhere around 2-6 months, depending upon the keywords.

(iii) PPC + Organic SEO - Some companies are familiar with the time frame constraint of organic SEO, so they immediately "kick start" with PPC, and Organic Seo as well. PPC campaigns will start to show results within 4-5 days, whereas organic SEO can take up to 2-6 months. Once their website starts showing on natural seo rankings on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Msn, they simply pull back their PPC campaigns, and will resort to pushing their site up to the top level using natural seo rankings.

These were some of the techniques used in Search engine optimization Marketing. Case 1, 2, and 3 are applicable to a number of different companies and business set up. It's up to the owner to decide which way to head in Online Internet Marketing.

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