When Looking For A Legitimate Home Based Business Online You Need To Beware Of Scams

Internet business scams are growing more numerous and more sophisticated, and they are very hard to recognize from the few legitimate opportunities that are out there. I know this on a very personal level, because I fell for an Internet business scam while I was on break from college. I am not a particularly gullible person and I actually thought I was taking all the necessary precautions to be safe on the Internet.

But the thing we all have to remember is that scam artists do not stick to the same scam over and over again. They are inventing new and more sophisticated scams everyday, so they can try to get your money, credit, and confidential information. I wanted to make some extra cash, and working from home seemed like the way to do it.

I found a job posting that looked legitimate, which I replied to, asking for more information about the position. I sent in my resume and the company sent a quick response, and described the kind of work I would be doing. The description sounded vague, and then I was surprised to learn that I needed to send money to the company via Pay-Pal in order to cover the cost of training materials. Honestly, this should have set off a red flag, but I was too excited about making some extra money, and the payment they were asking for was a very small amount.

To my horror and dismay, the "training materials" I received was nothing more than a file detailing how to continue the scam, putting up job postings, making the job offers, and collecting money from naive people like myself! Needless to say, I demanded my money back, and did a quick investigation via an internet search engine to discover the truth of the matter. Turns out it was a well known internet business scam and I should have known better. But we always think we will know the scam when we are faced with it. Then when we are made an offer that is really too good to be true, we briefly allow ourselves to think it is a scam, before accepting the offer. Instead of falling for scams I have learned to investigate first and agree to offers only after I am satisfied that the company is legitimate. A real company will have no problem with you calling back to place your order at a later date.

Don't let yourself fall for the job offer scams or any other scam that will make you loose money. If you ever decide to look into an Internet business opportunity, investigate thoroughly, and do not invest any money into it unless you are absolutely sure that it is legitimate. If they ask you for money up front, chances are it isn't.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Making Money on the Internet at

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